Strategy & Concept

  • Vision Statement

    Make our collaboration impressing. We aim for the long term goal of maintain the good relationship with our customers, suppliers, employees and partners. Our activities strive in work toward the flexibility, quality and efficiency to obtain competences and achieve competitive advantages.

  • Mission Statement

    To expand toward the globalization
    To create value and establish well brand name of Islandlife Sofa & Solidbed
    To deliver the world class products for every customers.

  • Business Goals & Objectives

    Become a well-known furnishing company in between projects consultants or contractors, designers, franchising entrepreneurs, furniture retailer and resorts.

  • Business Strategy

    We are currently implementing vertical integration in market and product development locally and abroad.

  • Business Competitiveness

    Furniture industry is large as well as its competitive market. We did not indulge in price war, however we emphasis on flexible design with quality production with reasonable prices.

  • Business Model

    Our business is running on a centralized basic, the operating activities are vertical integrated that easier for quality control and cost efficiency. We persistently progress for new market and product development.

  • Value Chain

    Materials be purchased locally or import abroad that provide good quality and progress internally to become finished goods. Our production teams expert in sewing, upholstering and varnishing skills to maintain the quality and efficiency. Marketing and sales is enhanced ingeniously. Every product is ensured in matching the requirement of the customers need.

    Every process of procurement, Manufacturing, designing, marketing to resources managing, we own the knowledgeable teams that create value. Our machinery assists each production part to increase the producing speed. Their existence is to achieve the core competences and sustainable competitive advantages.

    We work in higher communication and co-operation with stakeholders as our goal is to have the maintainable relationship with them.